Crewe Heritage Centre - Open 10:00 - 16:30 every weekend - Tel: 01270 212130

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Crewe Heritage Centre is located in the heart of Crewe to the North of Crewe station between the main railway line to the North West and Scotland and the railway line to Chester. A great day out for all of the family!

There are three signal boxes to explore at the Crewe Heritage Centre.

Crewe Station A Cabin controlled part of Crewe Station and was removed in 1985 as part of the station remodelling. It was installed at Crewe Heritage Centre in 1987 and is in a complete condition.

Crewe North Junction Signal Box sits beside the West Coast Main Line in the fork between that and the line diverging to Chester, the North Wales Coast and Holyhead. The North Junction Signal Box, as its name suggests, formerly controlled the junction at the North of Crewe station where the routes diverged from the West Coast Main Line heading to Holyhead and Manchester.

The signalbox is in complete decommissioned condition allowing visitors to view exactly what it was like to work in a 1980s signal box. The signalbox has been rewired to allow demonstrations of all aspects of signalling.

Visitors can also become a modern day signalman as they take charge of a computer simulation to control all freight and passenger trains around Crewe station in the 1990s.

Alongside the signalbox is the viewing platform where visitors can observe the passenger and freight trains passing by on the West Coast Main Line. If you are coming to photograph a special train, arriving early is advised as it is a popular spot, especially in the afternoon and early evenings!

Exeter West Signal Box was saved from demolition when the signalling systems around Exeter were renewed in 1985, moved to Crewe has been completely rebuilt and restored by the Exeter West Group exactly as it was in 1960.

The equipment inside the signalbox is fully functioning and is used to play out a simulation of the dying days of steam trains around Exeter in 1960. Visitors can watch and ask questions as members of the Exeter West Group play through the simulation - just remember, it is completely different and a lot more physical than a computer game!